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Buying Tips and Warranty

Before Buying
Firstly it is strongly advised that you only buy used parts from Bona Fide auto dismantlers / auto wreckers. Before purchasing you should check that they have an ABN Number and that they are going to supply you with a written receipt and warranty.

Most Auto Dismantlers belong to associations that have a code of ethics and a body to contact should any problems occurr. Preference to companies that belong to associations like the Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA), is prudent.

Before attempting to find a part make sure you have the following details of your car.
  • Make
  • Model
  • Production Date
  • and such relevent information as Body Style. Motor Type.
  • Manual or Auto Transmission etc.
Buying Tips
Auto Parts Recyclers usually supply used parts but many of these establishments can also supply reconditioned and new parts for your car at great saving.

If buying reconditioned parts you should confirm if the part is in fact reconditioned (this should be to an industry standard) or rebuilt (which is a repaired 2nd hand part).

If buying new parts you should check if it is an original manufactures part or a copy part.

Always get a written receipt, warranty and if possible ask for a copy of the warranty before purchasing. Most recyclers will quite happily e-mail , fax , or post you a copy on request.

Today's modern professional auto recyclers are staffed by reputable knowledgeable and honest owners and employees.

The majority of today's problems are not caused by fraud or dishonesty but rather by lack of communication or misunderstanding. So make sure you are aware of what you are actually getting, what the warranty is and what both the sellers and purchasers obligations are.

Purchasing from an Auto Parts Recycler should and will be a pleasant and rewarding exprience.
Disclaimer strongly recommends that you check the warranty available prior to the purchase of any parts. can not be responsible for, nor do we guarantee any goods or services provided through this parts locating service. Any problems that may arise should be taken up directly with the vendor/purchaser.

We endeavour to provide as accurate information as possible, however errors may occur. We do urge you to clarify all information regarding your purchase/sale EG: Makes, Models, Etc. to ensure there are no misunderstandings.
Freight And Buying From Interstate
Finding the correct part for your car by makes finding the part very easy. Many times you will find the part quite close to your home however sometimes especially hard to find parts will be located interstate. You should not be put off by this as most Auto Recyclers can ship around Australia at exceptionally good rates. Ask for a quote for delivery to your home or workshop.

If the part is being sold on a changeover basis make sure you determine who is paying for the return freight and if it is you, make sure you get a quote on this cost. Copyright © 2005 - 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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